Assessment and Physical Education

Assessment and Physical Education
Assessment and Physical Education
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Accusplit 601X Stopwatch
Times single event and cumulative splits, 1-2 fast finish, 30 minute range. 5 year Inchno proof In..
Flexibility Assessment Tester - Double
Durable, steel construction with non-skid bottomFor use with The Presidential Physical Fitness Test,..
E-Z Access Pedometer Storage Pockets
Heavy-duty storage system lets students access their pedometers quickly and easily. Teachers can as..
BSN Heart Rate Monitor Stick
"Stick" style pulse monitor with large sensor pads for an accurate reading Provides a r..
Thermal Paper for L10
Box of 3 rolls Key BenefitsWarranty 0001 Year(s)Shipping NotesSmall Package Carrier: Minimum $7.50 ..
Accusplit AX725PRO Timer
16 Dual split memory Dual split (lap & cum) 10 hour range Water resistant 5 ..
CanDo Pedal Exerciser
A deluxe digital, portable exerciser for both the upper and lower bodyLCD display tracks speed, dist..
Measuring Wheel-Metric Measurements
All steel constructionMeasures up to 100,000 in meters, centimeters and decimeters1 meter wheel circ..
Slim Guide Skinfold Caliper
Only low-cost caliper which meets all of the requirements for jaw pressure and accuracy It me..
Insta-Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
Unique ”Baton” style pulse monitor bar allows an entire class to check pulse rate in..
Mark 1 Large Display Stopwatch 106L
Single events and time outs Cumulative splits 1-2 Fast finish 1/100 second with with..
Ultrak 360 Stopwatch
Features:• 30 dual splits recallable memory• Lap and cumulative splits• Recalls ti..
Baseline Wall Growth Chart
Measurement range is 0-78 in (0-198 cm) Measures height easily and quickly Blue text over whit..
Fiberglass Measuring Tape-165 foot
Durable, long-lasting, vinyl-coated fiberglass tapes in ABS shatter resistant caseFeatures an easy t..
PD100 Low Profile Scale
Can weigh up to 480 lbs.Easy-to-view LCD display with 1 Inch high digitsWall/Desk mounting bracketPo..
Printer Paper-Ultrak 299-bx of 25
Extra Printer Paper Rolls. Box of 25 Key BenefitsWarranty 0001 Year(s)Shipping NotesSmall Package C..
Ekho P-900 Pulse Oximeter
The EKHO P-900 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a simple non-invasive digital device that indirectly meas..