Pool, Boat and Water Slides

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7 foot deck pool slide 3 foot deck pool slide tube slide trough slide and pool slide long pool slide

Optimal site characteristics

1. Concrete deck around the pool.  If you pool deck is a typical 4" minimum thickness concrete deck, our slides will easily mount on the deck.

2. 15 to 25 feet from the water’s edge to where the concrete ends (usually there is a fence).

3. 20 feet of linear length usable space along pool edge.

4. Federal regulations dictate a minimum 40" water depth where the slide flumes enter the pool

(depths of 4 feet or greater are preferred).

5. Design adaptations available to provide flume entrances at corners and on peninsulas.

6. Electrical codes in some states dictate that our pipe structure be bonded (or ground) to some other pervasive metal structure around the pool. ( e.g. the rebar in the concrete ) Some clients have done this using #8 copper wire. Regardless, this is the owner’s responsibility.

7. A water volume of 15 to 20 gallons per minute, per flume is sufficient for most of our water slides. Larger flume may be more appropriate at 20-30 gallons per minute.

8. Regulations may vary by state, county or municipality.  It is the pool owner's responsibility to understand and secure any required permits or licenses.  Occasionally, a regulator will ask for additional engineering documentation.  Wind, soil, structural analysis requirements are provided on a case per case basis for an additional charge.


Component Descriptions

The slides require 15-20 gallons of water per minute per slide flume to operate properly. Our slides require much less water to operate than most fiberglass-style slides. Typically we ask the customer to run a water line to the slide and cap the line with a standard hose bib. Then we supply the hose and connectors to take the water into the slide. If you don't have a water line that will be supplying the water, we can offer a 1/2 HP pump  that will pull water directly from the pool. We supply the pump and plumbing, but you are responsible for getting water to the pump. From the water line up the slide, we use a heavy duty, hard rubber hose. It is zip tied up the pipe to the top of the slide. We drill a hole in the side of the tube and install a brass 90 degree fitting in the tube so the water will shoot down the slide bed way. The hose is attached to the fitting using a hose clamp. We also apply silicone to the bottom half of the slide joints. This is done for each slide flume. We provide a “water kit” that has the fitting, hose clamps and silicone.

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