6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide

6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide
6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide 6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide 6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide 6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide 6 Foot Deck Height Residential Scoop Slide
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Residential Grade Scoop SECTIONAL Slide!
Ships via UPS for best freight savings!
Heavy Duty, Rotationally Molded
Easily bolted together, with no gaps
Available in Blue, Green, Light Green, Orange, Red and Yellow. Mix and Match colors!
Sturdy construction, no need for wooden side rails to support
6' Model includes support for under first insert from bottom
Weight Limit 300 pounds
Age Group 2-12. Adults should supervise children at all times.
Great for backyard and playset use. Average life expected 2-5 years


Top Mounting Surface 10.75" x 23.5"
TOP Section 17.25" x 20.75" x 7.5"
INSERT section 16.125" x 20.75" x 7.5"
END section 30" x 20.75" x 7.5"
Bedway Width 16.5"
Drop from Bedway to Ground 7”

Slides must be installed over impact attenuating safety surfacing. Depending on your specific installation needs, there may be a variety of materials and methods of surfacing available. Please see CPSC Publication 324 (residential) or CPSC Publication 325 (commercial) for information and guidelines. Customer is responsible to ensure safety guidelines are followed, including necessary perimeter or safety zone areas required.

Regardless of lower heat transfer properties, plastic play equipment can still become hot enough ‐‐ in extreme temperatures and direct sunlight ‐‐ to cause burns. Plastic slides are safe, tried and true, but as is the case with all playground equipment, parents and supervisors must monitor the children in their care, make certain that the equipment is appropriate for their age, and always check playground surfaces for excessive heat before allowing children to play. Instruct children to never run up the slide and to slide down feet first. Tell children to make sure the bottom of the slide is unobstructed before going down the slide. Do not use slide when wet. Do not use equipment until fully assembled. Consider proper drainage and place slide in shaded area or located out of direct sun. Slides exposed to intense sun can burn. No span of the sliding surface should have a slope that exceeds .577 degrees. Handrails or other means of hand support should be installed at the slide chute entrance to make it easy for children to go from standing to sitting. There should be guard rails to transit the child into the slide chute. The transition platform should be as wide as or wider than the slide entrance.

Maintenance: At beginning and end of each play season and once a month during play season, check for cracks in plastic, paying particular attention to the top of slide where attached to platform. Check for rusty screws, missing or loose hardware or evidence of vandalism. Check for cracks in wood or splinters. Replace parts as necessary. Make sure there are no exposed footings, anchoring devices, rocks, roots, holes or any other obstacles in or around the slide. Maintain detailed inspection and maintenance records for public-use playground equipment.