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Turn any gymnasium into a regulation badminton court with our official badminton standards and nets and competition badminton systems for complete game set up and play. A popular indoor sport and physical education lesson badminton combines racquet skills and hand-eye coordination in a volley test of endurance and cunning. Beyond the racquets and shuttlecocks the only equipment you need is a regulation net and standards to set up a game.

Browse our selection of light-duty, high quality court standards to provide a secure base foundation for nets. We offer light duty game standards in royal blue, red, green, white and yellow to custom match any indoor gymnasium theme. Our official standards are two-piece sets with rubber rims and bolt collars that allow for easily adjustable net heights in badminton, volleyball or tennis. Two 4" non-marring wheels at the base provide easy transportation.

We also offer galvanized steel multi-purpose indoor standards that feature 12" floor sleeves that are ideal for recreational badminton, volleyball and tennis.

For complete game set up check out our multi-purpose aluminum net system that features lightweight aluminum, competition net and sliding collar height adjustments. The sliding collars allow for infinite height adjustment from regulation volleyball to tennis. On the net twin quick-lock side tension straps and steel dowels eliminate net snag and promote off the net play which is great for exciting badminton games.


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