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Our strength training machines come with exercise instructions that are located directly on the unit.

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Experience a new level of fitness and comfort with our new line of dedicated outdoor fitness equipment. Designed with ergonomics in mind, these products are the perfect addition to any outdoor fitness area and are made to stand up to the elements. Made from the highest quality galvanized steel tubing in the industry. Fabricated to the same quality specifications as our playground products, these events are made to last.  Combining time tested utility and modern aethetics make these new items a must for beginners and enthusiasts alike.  Choose your favorite powder coat color from our many options,  to blend into your surrounding area or complement existing equipment.  Warm up with stretches and follow with a smooth cardio session on the Glider or Cross Country Trainer. Superior Shape also offers an intense upper body muscle building experience with our Seated Row, Press and Pull down Machines. These strength training machines are the only outdoor fitness equipment pieces on the market that feature a 3-level adjustment and use an individual’s body weight as resistance. This makes Superior Shape the most versatile equipment in the industry for men and women of all fitness levels.

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Push-Up Station
This unique push-up bar can be installed at two different heights and offers a curved bar for differ..
The Boot Camp Package is the second largest package within the FitTech series. Offering everything f..
Trapeze Bar - 3.5 CLine
Trapeze Bar - 3.5 CLine..
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Horizontal Chin Up Station
Horizontal Chin Up Station..
Leg Extension Inground Mount
The Leg Extension has an isokinetic spring resistance coil that is activated for muscle tone and to ..
Hurdle Station and UP197 sign
The Hurdle is an aerobic event that remains an exercise favorite. Depending on ability, the user can..
Dual ADA Chest Press with Comfort Seat- SM
The Dual ADA Chest Press builds Muscle Strength and Endurance. Users can remain comfortably seated i..
511-154P Chin Up Bar Painted..
Hand Cycle Inground Mount
The Hand Cycle is a comfortable solution for building aerobic fitness. The Hand Cycle utilizes magne..
Accessible Chest Press users can remain seated in their mobility device or sit on the ergonomically ..
Pocket Park packages provides a complete workout in a smaller space. These fitness kits are perfect ..
CHIN BAR - 3.5x 46.5 inch
CHIN BAR - 3.5" x 46.5"..
Chest Press Footing Mount
Chest Press users sit on the ergonomically designed seat and push the non-slip handles outward. Isok..
Chin-Up Station
The traditional Chin-Up Station is an excellent addition to any Outdoor Fitness Park or Trail. Users..
Assisted Functional Trainer and UP197 sign
The Assisted Functional Trainer hosts a myriad of benefits from Cardiovascular Endurance, Balance, a..
Triple Toss With 3.5 Inch Galvanized Post
TRIPLE TOSS WITH 3-1/2 inch GALVANIZED POST. This fun game brings kids together to play and interact..
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Joint Use Chin Up Bar Station
Joint Use Chin Up Bar Station..
Leg Extension Surface Mount
The Leg Extension has an isokinetic spring resistance coil that is activated for muscle tone and to ..
The largest preconfigured package in the FitTech series provides multiple options for every fitness ..
Assisted Recumbent Cycle- J Bolt and UP197 sign
The Assisted Recumbent Cycle provides a Cardiovascular endurance workout. Featuring the exclusive Co..