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Indoor Playsystems

Indoor Playsystems

There are a lot of variables when it comes to indoor play, but it all begins with fun. Indoor play structures are available with many features, designs and configurations. While we have base models to choose from, every situation needs to be considered individually. When choosing or designing indoor play, start with the amount of available space. This isn't only floor space, be sure to measure the height of the room too. We will work with you to look at the layout of the room, entrances, exits, windows and features in the room that may require changes to the design. These three dimensional concepts offer play experience to children that will be remembered for a lifetime. Safety is always first, creativity, space and budget follow behind.

Prices may vary depending on site specifics. Additional netting, gates or barriers may be required. Safety surfacing shown in drawings is additional. Dimensions refer to the footprint space of the playground. The actual unit size or dimensions may actually be larger.


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Adventure 700 Indoor Playground 7264-0
Adventure 700 (Model 7264-0) 12'6” X 12'6” X 22'7” Includes: TODDLER CLIMB AND..
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Indoor Maze
Indoor Maze Playground..
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Indoor Playground Model 7790-3
Child Capacity: 32 Size: 21'3" x 16'3" x 13'Ages: 5–12Features: 2 Tri-Planes, Tu..
Model 7661-0 Indoor Playground
Model 7661-0Age: 5-12 yearsSize: 8'3”x14'x8'4”Use Zone: 18'4”x 16'0..
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Indoor Playground Model 5374-0
Child Capacity: 28 Size: 16'4" x 23'5" x 14'6" Ages: 5–12Features: Tri-Plane, S..
Indoor Playground Model KS1840E
Play Events: (2) Activity Panels: Ball Turn & Gyro, (1) KidsCube(TM)Climbs: 3 level, (1) Toddler Be..
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Junior 600 Indoor Playground
Junior 600Playground Dimensions:8'4" x 16'11" x 10'6"Play Activities:2 Climbing Decks..
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Model 6827-1B Indoor Playground
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Indoor Playground Model 7851-0
Child Capacity: 30 Size: 8' x 16 x 16'4" Ages: 5–12Features: Turbo Tubes, Turbo ..
Adventure 600 Indoor Playground 6778-0
Adventure 600 (Model 6778-0) 12'6” X 20'6” X 16'7” Includes: TODDLER CRAWL, DEC..
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Model 8232-01 Indoor Playground
Model 8232-01 Indoor Playground..
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Indoor Playground Model 7713-0
Child Capacity: 22 Size: 18' x 16' x 8'4" Ages: 2–5Features: Driving Panel, ..
Model 7611-0 Indoor Playground
Model 7611-0Age: 5-12 yearsSize: 8'8”x12'3”x10'6” Use Zone: 10'3”x18&apo..
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Indoor Playground Model 6050-1
Child Capacity: 28 Size: 20' x 20' x 16'8" Ages: 5–12Features: Spiral Slide..
Indoor Playground Model KS1840F
Play Events: (3) Activity Panels: Gyro, Clock & Tic Tac Toe,(1) Deck Climb: 3 level Square Deck, (1)..
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Junior 500 Indoor Playground
Junior 500Playground Dimensions:14' 9" x 12' 6" x 12' 10"Play Activities:Octalink Tow..
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Model 6827-2B Indoor Playground
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Indoor Playground Model 6248-0
Child Capacity: 38 Size: 22'3" x 18'3" x 16'Ages: 5–12Features: Turbo Tubes, ..
Model 6483 Praise Park Indoor Playground
Model 6483 with Praise Park Theme applied!Prices may vary depending on site specifics. Additional ne..
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Model 8431-0 Indoor Playground
Model 8431-0 Indoor Playground..
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