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Independent Play

What is Active Play?

Active play is exercise by children when they are simply playing without rules or organization.

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Like adults, children should be physically active most, if not all, days of the week. It's good for most children to spend at least 60 minutes a day doing some physical activity.

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FunPlay 3.5 inch Ground Play 35404
FunPlay 3.5 inch Ground Play..
Giant Magnetic Dry Erase Board Post Mount
The Giant Dry-Wipe Board provides fun and creative activities for a quiet area of the playground. U..
See Saw
See saws go by several different names around the world. Whether you call it a see saw, a teeter-tot..
RTown School Bus
The Rtown School Bus rolls along in style. Made with Polytone panels routed to create details. Come..
Fire Engine NO Spring Treated Wood Floor
Fire Engine NO Spring Treated Wood Floor..
Lil Red Fire Truck Surface Mount
A great addition to any play area, our two-seater fire truck is made of galvanized steel and has a p..
Gravity Bowl CGBL
Get comfy in the stainless steel Gravity Bowl and get ready to spin - fast The angle on the unit pro..
US Mail Truck without Springs
This lively vehicle offers children the chance to imagine and build adventures with each other. It i..
Bristol Oval Trike Path
Bristol Oval Trike PathOur Trike Path is made from Thermoplastic Polyolefins (TPO or TPE-O). This is..
Paint Station
Paint Station..
Talk Tube 1 ea Freestanding with 3.5 Post
Talk Tube 1 ea FS 3.5 DOWNLOAD a Specification Sheet ..
Triple Toss With 3.5 Inch Galvanized Post
TRIPLE TOSS WITH 3-1/2 inch GALVANIZED POST. This fun game brings kids together to play and interact..
Cruise-a-Long Comfy Tough Deck Playful Colors Red Blue and Yellow
ComfyTuff Deck Playful: UP138 ComfyTuff Deck Natural: UP139 Dimensions: 62"L x 25"W x 33"H Use ..
Endeavour Stage
The Endeavour Stage provides the performers with more shelter from the elements and could be fitted ..
Mini Me Car
This fun pretend play car comes fully equipped with four steering wheels and two bench seats. Great ..
Adventure in Growing Series AIG4
Adventure in Growing Series AIG4..
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Air Rider Surface Mount
Air Rider Surface Mount..
8 foot High Permanent Easy Shot
8 foot High Permanent Easy Shot..
Spin About Soccer Ball TFR16594XX
The Soccer Ball Spin-About from Playgrounds will be enjoyed by all children. This commerical indpend..
Infinity Cycle 5 Seat
The versatile Infinity Cycle is designed for both indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Since it needs lim..